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Vedic Astrology & Civil Engineering Career-

Vedic Astrology & Civil Engineering Career-  Civil Engineering, as a profession, demands technical skills and knowledge from the person along with a formal education in the chosen field.
The relationship of thousand-year-old Vedic astrology and engineering education depends on the placement of the planets. To an extent, these planets are quite responsible for success in various fields of engineering education as per Vedic astrology.
As per Vedic astrology, there are specific planets that signify the various fields of engineering. A favorable combination of those planets in a given horoscope chart of the native is essential to be able to point out the success of the person as an engineer. one needs to comprehend the fundamental connection between the house of skills, education, and career.
To become an engineer, the native should have the combination of two or more planets, for instance – Mercury, Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Venus, in their natal chart.
Engineering education in astrology shows the connection of the above planets with the specified houses are the determining factors of the various choices of the engineering branch. However, some common skills are also essential to become an engineer.


Planet Mercury

Mercury represents the native’s intellect, mathematical and analytical abilities. These skills play a crucial role in the engineering as per astrology to excel in the profession.

A well-placed Mars in the 4th house or 10th house and a conjunction of Saturn and Venus having an aspect on the 10th house is beneficial for civil engineering.  Mars is most prominent planet for Engineering. Saturn rules structures, iron etc and 4th house represents land, house, vehicle etc. Mars Conjunction with 4th lord(also 4th house represents education) Jupiter and Saturn in 9th house is a good combination for a Civil Engineer. 

Planet Venus

Venus symbolizes excellence, beauty, design, and perspective, creative and artistic abilities. The native also inclines to well-understand the aesthetical beauty in his/her immediate surroundings. These qualities are a few prerequisites in the field of architecture and design. Those highly interested to pursue architecture will positively have an influence of the planet Venus in their birth chart.

Planet Saturn

Saturn – Mining, Extraction of oil and natural fuels, drilling, agro-engineering are some key areas that prove the best career choices for the students and children with a well-placed Saturn in their natal chart.

The natural significator of the job is Saturn so Saturn’s strength and good placement are, the most important factors for success in professional matters. The correlation between Mars and Saturn with any fiery signs in Ascendant Kundli(लग्न कुंडली) provides the necessary impetus for engineering studies.


Planet Rahu

Rahu is another planet that influences a person with a keen interest in architecture and design. This planet bestows the native with a creative and imaginative power, inciting the person to draw inspiration beyond their horizon.
People in the engineering sector, for instance a project manager, will have a constructive and a decisive manipulative skill which is one of the most essential trait required in this field. Thus, Rahu plays a crucial role for determining such an ability in a person’s horoscope.

Planet Ketu

Ketu – People interested in learning new technology will do exceptionally well in any stream of engineering . 
Astrological Combinations in Horoscope for Success in Different Streams Of Engineering.
Chemical engineer :               Sun, Rahu, and Mercury
Automobile engineer :            Mars, Mercury, and Venus.
Electrical engineer :               Mars and Mercury.
Textile engineer :                   Moon, Mercury, and Venus.
Mechanical engineer :            Sun, Moon, and Mercury.
Marine engineer:                   Moon, Mercury, and Mars.
Mining engineer :                  Moon, Mercury, Saturn.
Civil engineer :                     Mars, Mercury, and Saturn
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