Money, Wealth, Finance in Vedic Ank Shastra

Money, Wealth, Finance Numerology- Having material comfort is important for everyone to live a satisfying life. And to achieve that, we need money. Money is vital for everything we do. That’s why people are always looking for ways to attract it. Some people follow esotericism, which involves the interaction between the energies of Money and Numbers. Numerology is a practice that can be helpful when it comes to finances because it involves numbers, just like the ones we see on banknotes. If we understand how to use these numbers correctly, we can use their energy to attract money. In this article, we’ll look at all the numerology numbers and how they relate to money.

Do you know in ancient Hindu beliefs, the numbers you’re born under can determine your life’s purpose and future? This is called your birth number, which is calculated based on your birthday’s date, month, and Year. It can also help you understand your relationship with Money and Finance. Check out the following chart to learn more about numerological numbers and their connection to finances.

The birth number or the Destiny Number is calculated using the date, the month, and the year. The single number derived by calculating your date of birth reveals your ability to prosper in life. For example, if your date of birth is  23 April 1968  then the single-digit number will be 2+3+4+1+9+6+8=33=6 

Numerology Number 1 in Finance

If you were born under this number, you may easily make money. Your health may also be good because you work hard and earn a good income. It’s important to stay humble and avoid getting too confident or angry to keep your success going. If you need to borrow money, you should pay it back quickly and not blame others for your problems. Eating something sweet on Sundays might help you attract wealth.


Destiny Number 1 natives are said to be born leaders and are highly goal-oriented. When it comes to getting financial abundance, natives belonging to numerology number 1 can expect financial stability and they might not have to struggle at all concerning financial matters. No matter what field these Numerology money number natives enter, they are going to create huge revenue through their hard work. However, these folks are advised not to become overconfident and always stay humble to avoid draining their money. 

Numerology Number 2 in Finance

Making money can be challenging for you because you may lack the determination needed to earn it. Even if you come up with good ideas, you may struggle to follow through on them due to a lack of commitment. You care about others and don’t want to upset them, but this can sometimes lead to financial losses for yourself. It may help to fast on Mondays to attract money. Unfortunately, you may not have the best luck with money and will need to work hard to earn it. Inheriting wealth may also be uncertain for you. Remember that hard work is key to achieving success in this area.


Natives with Destiny number 2 are benevolent. As a result of their generosity, they tend to spend money on the needy and are thus left with little or no money for themselves. Due to this, they can experience disappointments and struggles in their financial life. These natives are least fortunate when it comes to acquiring financial wealth and success. However, they might achieve the desired financial stability if they keep track of their money flows and work hard. 


This number gives respect to others and put their wishes as to their first preferences. They can never be selfish and are avoided to deal with business and financial activities.


Numerology Number 3 in Finance

If you were born with the Destiny Number 3, you may have the potential to earn a lot of money. However, you may also face some challenges in life. You are a wise person with good knowledge, which can help you attract wealth. You have the ability to connect with people, which can help you climb the social ladder. It’s important to remember that with success comes risks, so avoiding illegal activities is best. Wearing yellow clothes on Thursdays may bring good luck and attract wealth.


This number is lucky but they have to bear the thorns of the rose as it deals with the extreme situations. Often they can get wealth acquisitions. It will have all the experiences in their life with extreme highs and lows. To avoid this they need to stay focussed and be grounded.


Additionally, these Numerology money number natives are social and it can be beneficial for them in climbing the ladder of success. However, they must also be prepared to hit rock bottom as it can not always be a sunny day, sometimes it can be rainy and stormy as well. The good part is that as long as they stay focused, they will always be able to overcome all the hurdles coming to their financial success. 


Numerology Number 4 in Finance

Making money might be a challenge for you because you might not have good luck in that area. However, you are a determined and hard-working person who does not let setbacks defeat you. You may find it difficult to come by easy money, but you can achieve financial satisfaction and wealth through honest effort. To maintain a positive outlook, try to avoid negative thoughts and remain optimistic. You may also want to consider worshiping Lord Ganesha to help keep negative energy at bay.


Natives with Destiny Number number 4 do not experience a smooth money flow and financial abundance. Money doesn’t come easily to these folks. But, they should not consider it their fate. As they can achieve huge financial success if number 4s thrive for it. However, getting financial abundance is not the major area of concern for these folks. They are happy maintaining a basic standard of living. 


This number is not a blessed one like others but they are hard earners as they don’t get things too easily. They try to learn from their daily life and often experience hard times to deal with financial matters. So no matter what you have to keep pushing yourself to your goal in life.

Numerology Number 5 in Finance

People with Destiny Number are good with any kinds of business and if they focus and understand the deal then they can make it to the top of the world. They treat their employees as one of the members and give them the full freedom to grow. This number will also get sudden surprises with rewards and cash.


Destiny Number 5 natives are business-minded as they are good at growing their businesses through strategic thinking. Intelligence and engineering are the best fields to engage their logical thinking. Most importantly, numerology money number 5 folks give the best treatment to their employees and this reflects in their company’s growth and goodwill too. In their view, money is a replenishing source that should be given away. As a result, the universe often rewards them with wealth and abundance. 


The natives, having the Destiny  Number 5, are flexible, adventurous, and freedom-loving. They are excellent at adapting and experiencing and might opt for uncommon opportunities and paths. Considering finance and numerology, one might glimpse them thriving in a fast-paced and dynamic environment, like entrepreneurship, trading, or venture capital. They willingly take risks and adopt innovation to avail themselves of opportunities for financial growth and exploration.


Numerology Number 6 in Finance

Venus, the planet of beauty and love, is represented by the number 6. The Venus-ruled individuals of Number 6 will be charmers, and they will allure to conquer, coming under the direct sway of these two powerful traits. 

The natives with the Destiny Number 6 are benevolent, nurturing, and family-oriented. They emphasize stability, harmony, and service to others, and hence engage in caregiving roles and build a supporting environment for their close ones. As per the numerology for money, these natives might get tempted towards roles in estate planning, financial counseling, or philanthropy. The traits of natives with this wealth number in numerology support them to thrive in positions involving guiding others in financial security and well-being.

This number has the chances of inheritance of wealth from their family. It is also known as the ‘Money Number’. They often get money from the materialistic properties. They don’t have to worry about their cash in hand and live life in a balanced manner with no such extremities.

Numerology Number 7 in Finance

Also known as the spiritual stone, those having Destiny Number 7 are really close to God and their ruling planet is Ketu.


People with Destiny Number 7 have  two different situations in their financial affairs. Either they are very rich or very poor. Sometimes they can lose money in gambling. Thus you should always avoid any new and risky businesses. However, if they start earning money then no one can stop them and they become a millionaire.


Ambition is good, but it’s important to act on well-planned ideas and avoid reckless behavior like gambling or jumping into a new business without careful evaluation. These actions can lead to financial loss.

Numerology Number 8 in Finance

Natives having Destiny Number 8 have a habit of extravagant lifestyle they are often fret by the outlays. Alcohol and non – vegetarian food are a strict “NO” for these people.


Destiny Number 8 is the number of work and the expenses and loss will go hand in hand. It is the number of mammon. Since this number deals with financial dealings they can increase their funds with a click. They can be born rich, or acquire them with their hard work also.


Money favors the natives belonging to Destiny Number 8. However, how long they can have luck depends on the way they handle their income and expenditure. Their future is determined by their hard work and therefore they need to be optimistic in life. Hard work and dedication can make these natives touch the peak of success. 


If something doesn’t work out at first, keep trying and learn from your mistakes.

Numerology Number 9 in Finance

A person with the Destiny Number 9 is closely associated with “Midas Touch” especially where cash is concerned. Financial concerns are not usually an issue with people having Destiny Number 9, as they tend to have a natural ability to attract wealth and good fortune. People with this number are often very focused on their careers and have a lot of energy and enthusiasm for their work, which can lead to success. To promote positivity and avoid misfortune, it is recommended to recite the Hanuman Chalisa prayer every Tuesday.


The best thing is that penny is not their main concentration, as in the case of people with Destiny Number 3. They will even get lucky with any gifts or lottery at any course of their lives.

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