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 INDIA ASTROLOGY FOUNDATION(InAf)  was founded by Jyotirvidh Shyama Gurudev with the sole aim to reorient, research,innovate, inform and educate the way people perceive and understand Vedic Astrology and Indian Culture.



India Astrology Foundation (InAf) had its humble beginning in 1995.

INDIA ASTROLOGY FOUNDATION was founded by Jyotirvidh Shyama Gurudev with the sole aim to reorient, research,innovate, inform and educate the way people perceive and understand Vedic Astrology and Indian Culture. is a trusted religious institution, working for the  development of ancient vedic sciences and heritage that have been lost from our Indian culture.

In view of the diverse streams of knowledge available for consultation from which various benefits can be drawn, InAf seeks to bring together all such systems and their practitioners on a single, integrated platform for the help of solution-seekers. It empowers you by granting you an access to an ever- growing number of the practitioners of Astrology, Vaastu Shastra, Numerology, Feng Shui, Arabic Astrology, Western Astrology, KP (Krishnamurti Paddhati) Astrology, Naadi Astrology, Chinese Astrology, Sanhita Astrology besides other similar fields of knowledge and science.

At India Astrology Foundation, our highly skilled team has only one food for thought – Developing Quality Solutions. Over the past 25 years we have grown in strength and size, through sheer dedication to quality, reliability & cost-effectiveness. We put a great emphasis on our values to empower people to be positive, hopeful and guide them to be righteous. We continue with these values, to grow on our success today and for tomorrow.

The Company

India Astrology Foundation is a No.1 astrology company in india and one of the most respected names globally, in the astrology domain. Our purpose is to create long-term value through innovative solutions. Our range of solutions includes; stand alone applications, online apps and astro content services.

Our popular astrology portal www.indiaastrologyfoundation.com is soon coming up with unique features like free daily and weekly predictions, online dynamic horoscope generation, premium online reports, astro blogs, astrology lessons and consultancy services by renowned astrologers from round the globe.

An important objective of India Astrology Foundation is to end the misuse of the traditional and ancient systems of astrology and allied fields so that the common people are not taken for a ride by any unscrupulous elements. India Astrology Foundation seeks to get the truly knowledgeable and authentic experts known to the people, and thus make the real knowledge of various prescient disciplines accessible to its clients.

The basic aim of the Foundation is:

To promote and standardize astrology and other allied sciences internationally.

To serve the mankind by utilizing the science and making every one aware of all the new developments taking place in this field.

To promote research work in the field of astrology and other predictive sciences.

India Astrology Foundation entered into the field of Remedial Measures to provide genuine remedial and spiritual products under one roof through it’s website.

Provides personal consultancy on Astrology, Palmistry and Vastu in person and on net.

The Founder

Jyotirvidh Shyama Gurudev firmly believes that  astrology is the study of mathematical cycles and has nothing to do with him being psychic (he claims he is not). Shyama Gurudev also emphasizes that astrology is not the art of predestination, for each of us has free will. His sole mission in life  is to let the people know and understand that astrology’s structure is perfect for opening up creative thinking to tackle life’s challenges and for seeing the many opportunities that would be easy to overlook in the everyday hustle and bustle of life.

Head Office

India Astrology Foundation.,

Plot No 81,Welcome Society,Nr. Robertson Convent

Katol Road,Nagpur, PIN-440013,India.

Phone: +91(India) 7397902019